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Have a question that has not been answered before? Feel free to contact us at support[@] and we shall pop the answer up here for all to see. Thanks!

Domain Names

Our domain name registration process is real time.

Click Here to choose the option to buy domains of your choice or transfer a domain to our system for the use of our web hosting services.

All domains registered with us are under the name of the clients.

The system creates the invoice for renewal automatically 14 days prior to the due date.

You can either wait for the invoice and renew at that time or you can follow the steps below and renew before the invoice is generated.

Log in to your client billing area. Once logged in go to ‘Domain Renewals’ and select the domains you want to renew.
Alternative you can simply use the following link to Renew your Domains

Even if your host your domain with another Host, GOZEN’s DNS services are free to use as long as you have your domain registered with us.

If you registered your domain with us recently, then maybe the DNS are not propagated completely.

The registered domain normally becomes available after 24 hours after the registration.

If you have registered the domain with other registrar, you will need to change the DNS with the one’s provided by us and wait for it to get fully propagate.

DNS propagation usually takes 12-24 hours.

Our DNS Servers are as follows:


Our DNS Servers are spread across the globe in our continuous effort to make our service and your experience as fast as possible.


Yes, we accept PayPal.

We let you select PayPal as a payment method during checkout.

We also require that you verify your account, so in case you signup using a different email address than your PayPal email a verification email is going to be issued and your invoice won’t marked as paid unless you fulfill the verification email requirements

We do not accept wire transfers, bank transfers, checks, or money orders. If you have a PayPal account, you are able to pay using an eCheck, however, your invoice will not be marked as paid until the eCheck clears.

Your account may be subject to late fees or suspension if your eCheck does not clear before the due date.

Yes, credit cards are accepted.

We accept all major cards through Stripe. Keep in mind that no data is stored on our servers, we do not handle any sensitive data on our servers as your information goes directly to Stripe.

You can submit payment for your invoice online using one of the above mentioned methods, in order to do that you can follow the invoice link that came through email to your email address you use to signup with us or just connect to your Client Area and find any unpaid invoice you might have under Billing.

All invoices have a grace period of 5 days after the due date before suspension occurs.

If you require more than 5 days after the due date to pay your invoice, please submit a ticket to our Billing Department with your Client ID (will automaticaly go when submiting a ticket, Invoice Number, and the date you will be able to pay.

Payment extension requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by our Billing Department Manager and are not guaranteed.

Please note that our system is designed to automatically charge your credit card on file starting on the due date; our grace period or an extension does not stop this automated process.

Any invoice not paid by the due date will be charged a late fee. We do not waive late fees as a matter of policy, and our grace period or an extension will not exempt you from a late fee.

Important! Due days for Dedicated servers and VPS are strict and you need to have any amount due paid on time.

Late fees are assessed once an invoice becomes 2 days or more past due.

We do not waive late fees unless there was an error on our end that caused the late fee to be added. We encourage you to make payment on or before the due date to avoid being assessed a late fee.

Important! Due days for Dedicated servers and VPS are strict and you need to have any amount due paid on time.

Occasionally our fraud detection can mark legitimate orders as fraud, and we do apologize in advance.

If this happens to you, simply open a support ticket and supply the required identification to allow us to process the order.

Warning! If you placed your order using a VPN or a proxy it’s most probably marked as fraud. You need to repeat the process using your real IP and User Details

No, we do not keep any information on file, all payments are processed through a third party gateway such as Stripe or PayPal as such there is no need to store any of your sensitive financial information.

SSL Certificates

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers. Although all SSL certificates use similar methods to protect and validate your data, the level of trust and assertion they provide varies.
Standard SSL (Domain Validated) Certificates are the easiest and most common type of SSL certificate.
OV and EV Certificates also authenticate the identity of the company or organization that holds the certificate providing more trust to end users.
EV Certificates offer the highest level of validation and trust, and will show the name of the company or organization in green in the address bar. This is an immediate, visual way that viewers can know that extra steps were taken to confirm the site they’re visiting – which is why most large companies and organizations choose EV certificates.

The wildcard SSL is another type of secure certificates that helps to enable the SSL encryption on your several sub domains with the use of one certificate, unless the domains are still in control by the similar organization and they are sharing same domain second-level name.
Like, for example, a wildcard certificate released to GOZEN Host Company using the same domain name like “” will be used to keep it secure with the following possible domains such as “” or “” and more.
A wildcard notification consists of asterisk then a period before the chosen domain name.
These are wildcards to broaden the SSL encryption to its sub domains.

If you allow a certificate to expire, the certificate becomes invalid, and you will no longer be able to run secure transactions on your website. The Certification Authority (CA) will prompt you to renew your SSL certificate prior to the expiration date.

Certificate Authority will confirm domain control by sending an email to the administrator listed with the registrar for the domain. If the authorized administrator does not reply, a second email will be sent to an email address at the domain such as admin@ or administrator@. (You may select a secondary email address during the enrollment process.) In addition to validation by email, you will be asked (depending to the type of SSL) to provide a telephone number where you can be reached immediately after submitting your enrollment. If everything checks out, the SSL certificate is issued.


It’s very common that people who like to promote or build a monthly earning based on Affiliates to have a website but that’s not required, you can promote your affiliate link in social channels or emails. It’s completely up to you no how you want to proceed with that.

Affiliate link is a special URL where you should be sending your visitors, friends etc. You will get that URL for different banners in your affiliate panel once you log in.

All commissions go through a common process. That means that they are held for 90 days until the commission is up for review.

For the moment we support PayPal to payout commissions earned.

Remember: We have a default minimum earning of $200 dollars for each affiliate before commissions are paid out. Payments are issues in US dollars, and are paid once a month, at the beginning of each month (remember: we have a 90 day delay on each commission before they are approved and paid out).

The Software we use creates a unique affiliate link to our site, when your visitors click this link they will be taken to our site and a cookie saved on their computer.

If the visitor then places an order with the cookie present and pays for that order (it lasts for 3 months by default) you will earn a commission. This process is absolutely automatic.

All your referrals will be properly tracked.

Setting up an account is very easy and it’s completely FREE.

You don’t have to pay for becoming an affiliate.

As our affiliate, you will have your own control panel where you can see detailed statistics of traffic and sales you referred, news and training materials, and choice of banners and text links.

Then you only need to place an affiliate link, banner, text link or other link at your web site, or email it to your friends and relatives, so you can start sending customers to our web site.

The answer is No!

This is a channel we would not like you to promote within.

If we see PPC ad campaigns running and they are of affiliates, we will promptly notify the affiliate and request the removal.

The answer is No!

This is a channel we would not like you to promote within.

If we see PPC ad campaigns running and they are of affiliates, we will promptly notify the affiliate and request the removal.

What is the criteria for getting “Approved” commissions and are there any payment delays?

All commissions go through a common process. They are held for 90 days until the commission is up for review. Once the commission has “matured” passed the 90 day mark, We ensure that the customer referred from the affiliate follows this criteria:

  1. The sale must be for an eligible product
  2. The hosting account must have been active for at least 90 days
  3. There must be content uploaded to the hosting account
  4. The domain being hosted must be utilizing our services, and have a functional website (under construction pages or default script installations are not considered valid)
  5. All commissions that do get approved will be based off the sticker price of the account or service referred; meaning the monthly price listed for the service as noted on the website.

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