Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that has not been answered before? Feel free to contact us at support[@] and we shall pop the answer up here for all to see. Thanks!

Domain Names

Our domain name registration process is real time.

Click Here to choose the option to buy domains of your choice or transfer a domain to our system for the use of our web hosting services.

The system creates the invoice for renewal automatically 14 days prior to the due date.

You can either wait for the invoice and renew at that time or you can follow the steps below and renew before the invoice is generated.

Log in to your client billing area. Once logged in go to 'Domain Renewals' and select the domains you want to renew.
Alternative you can simply use the following link to Renew your Domains

Even if your host your domain with another Host, GOZEN's DNS services are free to use as long as you have your domian registered with us.


We accept PayPal and Credit and Debit Cards through Stripe. We do not accept wire transfers, bank transfers, checks, or money orders. If you have a PayPal account, you are able to pay using an eCheck, however, your invoice will not be marked as paid until the eCheck clears. Your account may be subject to late fees or suspension if your eCheck does not clear before the due date..

You can submit payment for your invoice online using the invoice link that came into your inbox, through the notification system, or you can just login to your client area and follow your way through billing.

All invoices have a grace period of 5 days after the due date before suspension occurs. If you require more than 5 days after the due date to pay your invoice, please submit a ticket to our Billing Department with your Client ID (will automaticaly go when submiting a ticket, Invoice Number, and the date you will be able to pay. Payment extension requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by our Billing Department Manager and are not guaranteed. Please note that our system is designed to automatically charge your credit card on file starting on the due date; our grace period or an extension does not stop this automated process. Any invoice not paid by the due date will be charged a late fee. We do not waive late fees as a matter of policy, and our grace period or an extension will not exempt you from a late fee.

Late fees are assessed once an invoice becomes 2 days or more past due. We do not waive late fees unless there was an error on our end that caused the late fee to be added. We encourage you to make payment on or before the due date to avoid being assessed a late fee.

Occassionally our fraud detection can mark legitimate orders as fraud, and we do apologize in advance. If this happens to you, simply open a support ticket and supply the required identification to allow up to process the order.