Elastic Servers Skip the hassle

No server management required.

If your site requires more resources than the current shared hosting plan offers, an Elastic Site is perfect for you. In addition, if you need a different version of PHP than your host currently provides, it is likely that the Elastic Site powered by CloudLinux OS would be completely sufficient.

Elastic Sites SSD Hosting

  The alternative for VPS Hosting

RAM SSD Storage CPU Cores Monthly Traffic DDOS Protected SSL Price/mo Order
2 GB 35 GB 1 500 GB $40.95 Monthly   Buy Now
4 GB 65 GB 2 1 TB $50.95 Monthly   Buy Now
8 GB 100 GB 4 4 TB $85.95 Monthly   Buy Now
16 GB 200 GB 4 8 TB $105.95 Monthly   Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Virtual Server options offer affordable quality and performance. The platform is built on open source KVM hypervisors, combined with fast network-attached storage.

We'll support you 24x7, 365 days a year, by phone or by email - it's your choice.

  • No minimum contract period
  • Advance payment by PayPal or Credit Card
  • Cancellation period: 30 day to month-end
With GOZEN Host, you always know that you're in safe hands.

32 and 64 bit versions of CentOS, Debian , Scientfic Linux, Ubuntu and more.

  • cPanel/WHM
  • Softaculus
  • Atracta

Our average server deployment time is under 5 minutes. You’ll have your server in minutes with your operating system installed and networking configured for you.

Unlimited and FREE OS re-installations for your VPS provided by our friendly support staff, available templates, Centos 5/6 32/64, Debian 6 32/64, Ubuntu 10/12 32/64, FreeBSD 9 32/64